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Create your own wax seals at home using our Wax Seal Sticks! We've curated our favorite go-to colors to share with you and each 6-stick package makes approximately (50) wax seals. Wax Seals are the best way to upgrade your wedding invites, seal a letter with love, take your gift-wrapping to the next level and much more!

Sealing Wax Sticks

    • Flexible Formula gives you durable wax seals that won't break (even on the outside of an envelope through the mail!)
    • Non-greasy formula prevents absorption of sealing wax, leaving your paper stain-free 
    • Glue Gun Format, for easy dispensing, saving you time over traditional methods
    • Each sealing wax stick has a 0.44" diameter and a 4" length, fits our Sealing Wax Gun

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