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How to Elevate Your Wedding with a Custom Monogram

Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and what better way to make it special than by incorporating your own unique monogram into your stationery and signage? By utilizing a custom monogram you can add a personal touch to every detail of your wedding (before, during, and even after!), ensuring that each aspect is a cohesive reflection of your love story.


How To Use Your Monogram Before Your Wedding

Before you say your "I do's," seize the opportunity to showcase your custom monogram through various wedding stationery items:

  • Save the Dates: Establish this "branding" element right from the beginning

  • Invitation Suite: Infuse it throughout the entire suite in multiple places or ways, for example:

    • Invitation card

    • Details cards

    • Envelope liners

    • Envelope flaps

    • ...and more!


How To Use Your Monogram During Your Wedding Day

On your special day, let your custom monogram shine by incorporating it into various elements of your wedding signage:

  • Welcome Sign

  • Ceremony Programs

  • Vow Books

  • Directional Signs (Seating Chart, Escort Cards, Table Numbers, etc.)

  • Food and Beverage Signs (Bar Menus, Cocktail Napkins, Stir Sticks, Dinner Menus, Buffet Table Signs, Dessert Table Signs, etc.)

  • Wedding Favors

Furthermore, consider using your monogram to enhance the decor and ambiance with:

  • Uplighting

  • A Dance floor graphic

  • Cake topper


How To Use Your Monogram After Your Wedding

Your custom monogram doesn't retire after the wedding day! It can continue to bring joy and nostalgia into your life:

  • Wedding Thank You Cards

  • Home decor (wall art, throw pillows, embroidered blankets, etc.)

  • Personalized stationery (connect with loved ones through handwritten notes and letters, sharing the joy of your newly married life)

And, as the holiday season approaches, why not create beautiful Christmas ornaments adorned with your custom monogram? They will not only add a touch of elegance to your tree but also serve as a reminder of your magical wedding day.


Your wedding day is an opportunity to express your love in every detail, so using a custom monogram throughout will help elevate your celebration from ordinary to extraordinary. It becomes a cherished part of the memories created before, during and after your special day. So, embrace the power of your custom monogram and make your wedding truly unforgettable!


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