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The "Save the Date with Double Ring" wax seal design is perfect for any (and all) invitations! 


Enjoy the fun of wax seals without the stamping; these come pre-stamped with an adhesive backer already applied...just peel and stick – it's as easy as that!


Wax Seals are the best way to upgrade your wedding invites, seal a letter with love, take your gift-wrapping to the next level and much more!


Wax Sealing Sticks, Adhesive Backers, Marble Stamping Surfaces and Sealing Wax Guns can be purchased separately.

"Save the Date with Double Ring" Pre-Stamped Wax Seals

    • 1" pre-stamped wax seals
    • Made from sealing wax with durability enhancers to stay intact when mailed
    • Intentionally made with an organic edge for a traditional look
    • Finished with an professional grade adhesive backer for easy application
    • Each seal weighs 0.02oz

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