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The "Single Initial" wax seal design is perfect for upgrading your wedding invitations with a unique and customized look. Plus, enjoy the freedom of stamping your design time and time again – the options are truly endless!


Personalize your design in two ways: With your initials AND your font choice!


Wax Seals are the best way to upgrade your wedding invites, seal a letter with love, take your gift-wrapping to the next level and much more!


Wax Sealing Sticks, Adhesive Backers, Marble Stamping Surfaces and Sealing Wax Guns can be purchased separately.

Single Initial Customizable Wax Seal Stamp

    • 1" Round Brass Die
    • Classic wooden 'Blonde' Handle is designed for a comfortable grip
    • Laser Engraved for fine details, creating beautiful artwork
    • Solid Brass Die improves heat control, reducing stickiness
    • Please note that your Wax Seal Stamp will go into production immediately upon order placement; a design proof is NOT supplied

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