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Looking to add a unique and bespoke WOW factor to your invitations and signage? Wax seals are a MUST for unique and elegant DIY wedding goods! This kit provides everything you'll need to get started... you'll be a professional in no time!


Each kit provides enough materials to create 50 wax seals. Supplementary products are each sold individually within our shop; we know once you get started you'll want to wax seal everything!

Starter Bridal Wax Seal Kit

Wax Seal Color
  • Each Kit includes:

    • (1) wax seal stamp in the design of your choice
    • (1) 6-stick package of wax seal sticks in the color of your choice
    • (1) 4'' silicone wax seal stamping surface
    • (1) wax seal gun
    • (1) 50-pack of wax seal adhesive backers

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