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How to Display Your Wedding Day-Of Signage: Hardware 101

Wedding Day-Of Signage should be both beautiful and practical, adding a touch of personalization and charm to your special day while keeping your guests well informed. From welcoming guests, guiding them to their tables, communicating meal/drink options, and more – the right display can elevate the overall ambiance. We've been creating custom Day-Of Signage since 2018 and find ourselves recommending these same hardware options again and again to our couples...and now we're sharing them with you!

Day-Of Signage Examples: Welcome Sign, Seating Chart/Escort Card Display, Bar/Signature Cocktail Sign, Memorial Sign, Buffet Table Sign, Dessert Table Sign, Cards & Gifts Sign, Favor Table Sign, Favor Tags, Place Cards, Dinner Menus, Ceremony Programs, Vow Books and more!

1. Displaying Paper Signage

Paper signage offers a vast amount of versatility and comes in various styles and colors – standard paper/cardstock, semi-transparent vellum, hand-made paper, cotton letterpress paper and more! Paper is a budget-friendly option and works perfectly for smaller signage (think 11"x14" or smaller – ex; Bar Signs, Cards & Gifts Signs, Table Numbers, Place Cards, etc.). There are many different options for displaying paper signage:

  • Standard or Floating Frames are a great way to pull a metallic accent into your decor. They also do a wonderful job making signage "pop", drawing attention to the message on the sign. These work great for larger paper signs (ex; 8"x10" Cards & Gifts Sign) as well as smaller paper signs (ex; 4"x6" Table Numbers)

  • Cardstock Sign Holders are a simpler, yet effective method of displaying your signs. There are a wide variety of colors and styles available so you're sure to find a solution that goes perfectly with your wedding style. These work best for smaller-sized cards printed on sturdier cardstock (ex; 3"x3" Place Cards, 4"x6" Table Numbers, etc.)

  • Folding or Table-Tent Signage effortlessly stands upright without extra hardware! Commonly done for Place Cards or Buffet Table Markers, these signs are practical with their simple and functional design. They blend seamlessly into any wedding style while providing essential information.


2. Displaying Acrylic Signage

For a sleek and modern look, acrylic sign holders are a fantastic choice. Available in white, black, clear and frosted acrylic (or even wood!), these holders give your signage a sleek edge. Acrylic signage creates a timeless and elegant aesthetic, with a high end feel.

While 1/8" is the most common thickness for acrylic wedding signage, acrylic does come in multiple thicknesses (including 1/16" and 1/4"), so make sure the holders you're choosing have a slot that is the same thickness as your sign.


3. Displaying Extra Large Signage

Large signs (such as Welcome Signs or Seating Charts) make a bold statement, but after a certain size, it is no longer safe to trust that Acrylic Sign Holders can hold the weight of the sign for the entirety of the night. If you are planning to display an acrylic sign that is larger than 11"x14", (for example, a Welcome Sign or Seating Chart) we would suggest using one of the following methods of display:

  • Sturdy Easel – Make sure you know the weight of your sign, so that you can ensure the easel you're selecting is rated to hold that much weight; all easels should have a maximum weight listed. Keep in mind that in addition to holding a heavy sign, your easel may also be bumped by guests, so sturdiness is key! Consider weighting down the base of your easel, or surrounding the base with florals to keep guests from getting too close.

  • Hanging Frame – If you opt for a hanging frame, ensure your sign has holes drilled at the top for hassle-free hanging to be conducive with your selected hooks/fasteners. This method adds a touch of sophistication and allows your signage to be easily visible to all. The great news is that there are also a wide variety of materials, finishes and colors to choose from when it comes to the outside frame as well as the attaching hooks/fasteners.


4. Large Free-Standing Wall Displays

Want to create a truly unforgettable visual experience? Consider using free-standing walls—a rising trend in weddings. These walls, often used for escort cards or seating chart displays, can be plain (white, or one of your wedding colors), adorned with greenery, or even embellished with floral arrangements. Moreover, they often offer shelves that can be attached (if applicable). Many venues provide these displays, or you can rent them from a local event rental company to create an impressive focal point.


5. Mirror Displays

Mirrors are becoming increasingly popular for wedding signage due to their versatile and elegant appeal. The design is typically applied as a decal, or printed onto paper and attached to the mirror. Mirrors can be used to display seating arrangements, welcome signs, directional signs, or even personalized messages. The reflection of light on the mirror's surface instantly grabs attention and adds a touch of glamour to any wedding decor. You can either try to utilize mirrors that you already own, or purchase something new (which can also be used in your home after the wedding).


Now that you've learned various creative ways to display your day-of signage, you can confidently make choices that align with your wedding vision. From paper and acrylic signage to large displays and free-standing options, each choice offers a unique touch to enhance your wedding aesthetics. Remember, the right display not only guides your guests but also adds a personal and unforgettable touch to your big day. So, go ahead and let your creativity shine through as you showcase your signage with style!


Heads up – this blog article includes affiliate links. If you click and purchase, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. We only recommend products that we have used and trust.


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